Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass is a perfect addition to Austin’s many prairie style homes!

Did you know that many of the craftsman homes in Austin are actually inspired by the works of a famous 20th century architect? Many of these homes are fashioned in what’s referred to as the “prairie style” a design created by the famous artist Frank Lloyd Wright. Among other things, Frank Lloyd Wright was an artist and stained glass designer. In Austin, a city known for its richness in culture and devotion to the art’s, Frank Lloyd Wright’s work continues to live on in the many prairie style craftsman homes located throughout the city.

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Adding a stained or belveled glass star to your San Antonio entryway shows Texas pride!

For every Texan, there arises a certain sense of pride at the mention of your home state. With a beautiful natural landscape, diverse cuisine, enthralling nightlife, and a plethora of great sports teams, Texas is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the country. And as a resident of San Antonio, one of the oldest and most historic cities in Texas, your sense of state pride couldn’t be any stronger. That’s why you should consider adding a stained or beveled glass star to the entryway of your San Antonio home.
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Are You Looking to Sell Your Dallas Home? Add Stained Glass for a Higher Resale Value!

Are you looking to sell your Dallas home? The addition of stained glass to your entryway adds a WOW factor as prospective buyers first enter the home. It also provides privacy while allowing natural light into the entryway. With a stained glass entryway, you can potentially sell your home faster and may receive a higher bid from potential buyers.
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How Stained Glass can block those ugly window wells in your Kansas City basement

Tired of looking at the ugly window wells in your basement? Conceal them in a stylish, discreet manner with a stained glass window. Stained glass is perfect for <a href=””>Kansas City</a> homeowners who use their basement as a guest room, bar area, or entertainment room. It looks beautiful and it helps hide those little defects like window wells that can take away from the aesthetic appearance of your home.


Although we may not always like the way they look, window wells are an essential part of every basement. They help let light into your home and keep the place from seeming drab and dim. Unfortunately, basement window wells often showcase nothing more than a brick wall or concrete slab.

<h2>Conceal Ugly Window Wells in Style with Stained Glass</h2>
For this reason it may feel like your basement window wells are doing more harm than good in terms of aesthetics. But they’re necessary to have because of the extra light they provide. Without them, your basement would require tons of artificial lighting. That’s why a lot of interior designers use stained glass instead of curtains to hide them. Stained glass helps hide ugly window wells without blocking out the much needed natural light entering your basement.

<img src=”” alt=”” width=”550″ height=”372″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-17153″ />

<div style=”clear:both”></div>Not to mention, it looks beautiful too. There’s something about the look of stained glass that invokes an ambience of refinery and elegance. Adding a stained glass window to your home can be a great way to spruce up your basement. In fact, many people choose to add stained glass to their basement bar or wine cellar to create a high end look for their home.

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<div style=”clear:both”></div>Plus, you get to have fun with the design too. At Scottish Stained Glass, we create all of our stained glass windows custom to order and invite our clients to take part in the design process. While we do provide photographs and drawings for our customers to look at, we also encourage them to get creative and add their own ideas too.

<h3>Contact Us for Basement Stained Glass in Kansas City</h3>
Get started designing your basement stained glass window today. <a href=””>Call Scottish Stained Glass</a>, Kansas City’s leading stained glass studio, to speak to an expert about your project.


Will Stained Glass Fade Because Of UV Exposure?

Fading Stained Glass In Your Fort Collins Home

At Scottish Stained Glass we do custom stained glass that if properly cared for, will last a lifetime and probably many after that. However, we also do stained glass repair and restoration for homes and churches all across Fort Collins and Colorado. As a local stained glass expert, we get a lot of different questions about proper stained glass care, upkeep, appearance and the like. One such line of questioning we get often is about stained glass fading. In high altitude environments like Fort Collins especially, stained glass owners are often concerned about the effects of UV light on their stained glass. Read below to find out our answer to this and what may be causing your stained glass to dull.

Will Stained Glass Fade?

The colors of stained glass windows do not fade over time. However, all stained glass is not created equal, there are a number of different “stained glass methods, like glazing, painting and laminating that are not as well equipped to stand the test of time. “Stained glass” like this, in which the color is not baked in at a very high temperature, could fade from long term exposure to UV light.

If Stained Glass Doesn’t Fade Why Does Mine Look Dull?

While we cannot speak directly about the makeup of your stained glass without examining it, assuming you do have actual faceted stained glass, it is likely diminished in sheen and color because of weather conditions, indoor and outdoor man-made pollution, and biological damage caused by pests such as pigeons, bats, and various microorganisms. Likely your stained glass simply needs to be cleaned in order to restore it to its former glory.

Why Doesn’t Stained Glass Fade?

The glass is sand and other minerals heated to very high temperatures to cause the silica (sand) molecules to incorporate the other minerals into its molecular structure. The color depends on what mineral is present. Once the glass is cooled, the molecular structures are “locked” in and only high heat will unlock it.

Typically, stained glass windows will last about 75 to 150 years before they are in need of re-leading as long as the windows are properly made. The glass itself is very durable to stand the test of time it is usually the frames and the lead that end up needing repair. Even in you have a broken or chipped piece of glass, this can be easily replaced or remedied.

Fort Collin’s Stained Glass Experts

If you have stained glass that looks dull, is sagging or has visible chips in it, contact Scottish Stained Glass for a free on-site evaluation of your Fort Collin’s homes stained glass windows and to schedule a restoration right away. The best way to preserve your lovely stained glass is preventative maintenance and Scottish Stained Glass is just the pro for the job!

Scottish Stained Glass Extends Services to Houston as a Result of Hurricane Harvey


The recent events that transpired in Houston were, to say the least, tragic. At Scottish Stained Glass, our hearts go out to those in Houston that were affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. That’s why we’re doing our part in our own very small way to help Houston’s home owners, churches, and historic buildings whose stained glass windows were damaged.

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