Dallas Stained Glass

proud to provide the finest stained & leaded glass


Dallas Stained Glass

proud to provide the finest stained & leaded glass

Scottish Stained Glass has stained glass designers and installers working throughout the Houston metropolitan area. We have been servicing the Houston, Texas area with the nation’s highest quality stained and leaded glass for almost a decade now and our parent company has been in business for over 20 years. There are now beautiful examples of our stained glass and leaded glass in over 3,000 Houston homes as well as in the surrounding cities such as out west in Katy, The Woodlands and Conroe to the North, east as far as Baytown and in the south in Sugar Land, Pearland, Missouri City, League City and as far as Galveston.


Stained Glass

Bathroom stained glass windows are one of our most popular choices for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. In many bathrooms, large windows overlook the bathtub, while smaller bathroom windows often lend light to the vanity or shower.  While these windows are great at allowing light into your bathroom they also reduce your privacy.

Putting blinds or other window covers means climbing in and out of the bathtub a couple of times a day to control the light and the privacy, and in the end the homeowner will get tired of this and just keep the blind closed permanently, thereby losing all the daylight.

Installing leaded or stained glass panels in the bathroom window offers a great solution. It will not only look beautiful, it can also provide all the privacy that’s required while letting in natural daylight allowing the room to feel brighter and more open. In addition, the colors of the tile and other bathroom accessories will be accented by the natural colors created by the stained and leaded glass in the daylight.

We can fit your new stained glass piece into your current window frame, or create a entirely new window along with a new frame.  We offer the highest quality glass and window products, so you can feel confident about your Scottish Stained Glass purchases.  You spend time in your bathrooms both preparing for you days, and unwinding from them, so why not make them more beautiful and relaxing with a work of art?  Our stained glass options give you the power to build something completely in tune with your personal taste, while giving you the peace of mind of certain privacy.

Each custom stained glass piece we create is completely unique to our clients’ many styles and tastes, so our designers will work with you to create something perfect for your particular case.  Adding Scottish Stained Glass to your bathroom gives you another outlet to make this room all your own, and add a beautiful personal touch that will actually increase the value of your home.


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Entryway & Sidelight

Stained Glass

At Scottish Stained Glass, Houston stained glass entryways are one of our most popular choices for homeowners in the area. Whether you’re looking for privacy, or if you simply want to create a stunning entryway to your home, we can help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for with our unique custom glass process.

Choosing Houston Stained Glass Entryways

One of the most common complaints that we hear when it comes to windows that are in an entryway is that visitors can see straight into the home. If you have sidelights, for example, you’ve probably notices people leaning over and peeking through to see if you’re home, or even if you have glass in your door itself.

The great thing about our custom stained glass is that we offer thousands of glass choices that range from clear, to semi-private, to very private. This means that you’ll be able to keep peeking eyes out, but still let natural light into your space. Your designer will be able to show you glass samples for various textures and colors that you can mix and match to create a complete look that you love.

The other side of Houston stained glass entryways is for style in a home. Adding custom glasswork to your sidelights, transom, or door can create a beautiful, unique entryway that will set your house apart from others in your neighborhood. Your entryway is the first impression of your home that anyone will see, so why not make it stunning?

Our process for Houston stained glass entryways begins with an in home consultation with one of our designers. We’ll take the time to learn about the styles that you like, and we always brings tons of fantastic photos to help you find the perfect design for your unique home. With the assistance of glass samples and sketches, our designers will find something that you love, and go over your price options at this time.

Transom Stained

And Leaded Glass

Transoms are generally smaller windows located above the main windows which offer a great source of light especially if the main windows below are covered by blinds or shutters to give the homeowners privacy. A stained glass transom provides artistic flair in an otherwise ordinary space and the variety of custom stained glass transom window patterns range from simple to elegant. We can also customize a stained glass window for a transom design using your individual vision.

Clear story windows are usually located in rooms with high ceilings and the windows are in the top half of the room. They provide light but unless the room has a great view, there’s not much interest from a design point of view.  Our designers can create a window that not only lets the natural light in, but is also a beautiful work of glass art for your home.

Leaded & stained glass panels are great for both of these applications. It provides a design element which adds interest to these otherwise bland areas. As you enter the room your eyes are immediately drawn to the design of the whole room and not just the lower half. In cases where there may be other homes nearby, the use of stained glass window designs in transoms will provide both beauty and privacy from your neighbors.

Since each of our pieces are one of a kind, we can tweak designs until we come up with something you absolutely love.  Whether you love more traditional designs like Art Nouveau or Mackintosh, or if you prefer more clean, straight lines, like Prairie Style, we can accommodate your style.  Transom windows are often very large, so you want to have a design you completely love.  Our design team is experienced in 100 percent customer satisfaction, so you can feel comfortable working with someone who puts your wants first.

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Kitchen, Cabinets, Pantry,

Wine Cellar, Etc

The kitchen is the heart of any home, the room where you and your family likely spend a great deal of time together. That being said, why not take the time to really create something amazing in this most-lived area of your house?

At Houston Stained Glass, we specialize in custom leaded glass pieces that are made by hand for each client that we work with. This means that we can help you add an amazing work of custom glass art to any area of your kitchen, and help you create something reflective of your own personal style!

Choosing Kitchen Stained Glass Windows

Since the kitchen is such a high traffic area, if you’ve got an exterior window that looks towards a street or neighbor’s home, privacy may become an issue. On the other hand, maybe you’re simply looking for a fresh, updated look in your home. No matter why you’re interested in glasswork, our team can help you find the perfect addition to your space.

Our process starts with an in-home consultation with one of our talented designers. Your designer will take this time to really get to know your priorities for the project, and can begin the design process right there with you. We always bring a wide array of glass samples, as well as photos for you to browse through. Our team can even sketch out and price a couple of options for you during this meeting.

If you’re looking for something private, consider incorporating textured glass, colors, or bevels to create a design that blocks vision, but still lets plenty of natural light into your home. We offer more than 600 glass types to choose from to bring your design to life! For a stylish touch, consider creating stained glass for your cabinet doors as well.

Then, after you’ve come to a decision on design, we will move into the production process. Our experts will create a completely accurate computerized drawing of your piece for you to review, and then one of our extremely skilled artisans will begin building your window by hand! We use traditional methods and modern technology to build authentic, long-lasting windows for each client.

Hallways, Basements

& Bedrooms

Stained glass windows are a great way to add beauty and character to a basement window that might otherwise showcase only a concrete well. Typically, basement windows do not have a pleasant view, but if you have windows in your basement it is important to keep them open and visible as a source of natural light for the room.  Stained glass windows will transform an unfortunate view into a piece of art and still let the natural light in, making it ideal for basement windows.

Basement stained glass is also helpful when it comes to styling a basement bar area and/or game room. Instead of using standard back splash applications, stained glass can be used as a back splash for your bar. A back lit stained glass sign or even hanging panels will make your basement bar feel like an authentic pub. Stained and leaded glass can also be used to create interesting ceiling fixtures. All of these functions will make your basement a more welcoming and comfortable place by bringing elements of color, depth, and value to the space.

When it comes to the ever-popular “man-cave,” (or “woman-cave,” for the matter) these rooms often end up in the basement of homes.  If you want to relax and have some fun in your basement, you want to feel completely comfortable.  Sitting in a dark, dingy space can be impairing, and adding stained glass can be an imperative part of creating a space that doesn’t feel like the average basement.  Our windows not only let natural light in while removing a less than ideal view, they actually can build a high-end look to the entire room.

Another great reason to go with Scottish Stained Glass in your basement is so that you can incorporate your favorite style into your home in a new way.  We can create glass windows with floral designs, Prairie Styles, and even antique styles.  Whether you are looking to add a splash of color, or stick with clear, beveled glass options, you can be sure that we will create something that is completely in tune with your own personal style.

Many of the basement windows we create are made of beveled and leaded glass. Clear, textured glass will match with any paint or space. It is timeless, classic, and truly beautiful. However, colored stained glass is a great option when it comes to basement decor. Basements sometimes carry a stigma for being drab and dark, but with stained glass your basement will shed itself from that less than appealing image. Whether it is entirely colored or simply has splashes of color, stained glass will brighten and lighten up your basement.

At Scottish Stained Glass, all of our pieces are completely custom.  This means that no matter what you use your basement for, and no matter what style you’re hoping for, our designers can work with you to find the perfect window that is unique to your home.  We want to make your next stained glass addition a great experience, so contact us today to set up a consultation.

What We Do

Our Process.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we take a unique approach to our work. Part of this involves using our signature process that we’ve spent years developing in house.

By integrating modern technology with traditional glassmaking techniques, we are able to produce stained glass windows that not only look flawless, but are also structurally sound and last a lifetime.

Onsite Consultation

Your experience at Scottish Stained Glass begins with a professional design consultation. We visit each of our clients onsite to gain an understanding of their needs and goals for their project. During this time, one of our project managers will sit down with you and discuss design possibilities for your stained glass including styles, colors, and its overall appearance.

Hand Drawn Designs

Once we have learned all about your goals and preferences, we then work on producing an illustration of the stained glass. One of our artists will carefully draw the design for the panel for you to review and for our team to use for its construction. If you would like to make any additions or changes to the design, we will be happy to do so at this time.

Hand Drawn Designs
CADing of Design

After the hand drawn illustration is complete, we recreate the pattern using CAD technology to ensure the accuracy of the measurements and proportions. We find that developing these CAD designs usually results in fewer errors and better results overall.

CADing Design
Photoshop for Approval

Our next step is to prepare the design for final review. Once the CAD is complete, we use Photoshop to add color into the drawing to bring it to life! Then, we send you the completed image and wait for your approval.

Photoshopping Scottish-stained-glass

After you’ve give us the approval, we begin the actual construction of the stained glass. The individual pieces of glass are hand picked and inspected for quality. The panel is assembled using the CAD design as a blueprint. After the construction is complete, the panel is carefully cleaned to remove any excess cement or particles and to allow the glass to reveal its true color and beauty.


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Finally, we return onsite to install the stained glass in its destined location. A piece of low-e safety glass may be added over the top of the stained glass in order to protect it from accidents and the elements.

Installation for stained glass
Years of Enjoyment

Once the stained glass is fully installed, the homeowner can enjoy its beauty for several years time. Many stained glass windows last hundreds of years and are passed on down to future generations. If you ever decide to move into a new home and you want to take your stained glass with you, Scottish will be happy to assist with its removal and reinstallation.

years of enjoyment


Stained Glass Restoration

For over twenty-five years, Scottish Stained Glass has been Houston’s leading source for religious stained glass windows and art. Stained glass has played a prominent role in establishing the identity of churches, cathedrals, and religious buildings across the world for centuries. By adding one or more of the following stained glass features, you can bring joy and beauty to the members of your congregation:


  • Stained glass accents for your altar
  • Stained glass ceiling/dome
  • Ecclesial stained glass windows
  • Painted biblical scenes & portraits
  • Stained glass signs & lamps

New Church

Stained Glass

In addition to restoration, Scottish Stained Glass also designs and manufactures new stained glass windows for churches, temples, cathedrals, and religious buildings in the Dallas metro area. Our artisans can create beautiful stained glass altar furniture, custom stained glass signage, and religious themed stained glass windows for chapel and prayer rooms. Whether you’re looking for a traditional painted piece with biblical imagery and symbolism or something more contemporary, our studio can create the perfect stained glass for your church and community.

Rita WaltersJuly 14, 2016

“The windows look beautiful. They seem to be expertly constructed by very skilled and experienced craftsmen, and absolutely exceeded our already high expectations we had set during the design process. The two installers did a great job. The cost of the windows is high, but we are delighted with them, and believe that they add great value to our house.”

Scott CriswellJuly 1, 2016

“Awesome experience from start to finish. Rebecca understood exactly what I was wanting for and Nicole designed it exactly as I pictured it. And Sid installed it quickly! The timeframe was exactly what they told me it would be. I love my new front door window!”

Debbie & Todd BunimJuly 2, 2016

“They did a great job. My window is exactly what I expected to be.”

JoLeah MontgomeryJuly 3, 2016

“Great experience, beautiful work. We will definitely work with them again!”

Robert & Elise ChiltonJuly 5, 2016

“We absolutely love our new stained glass. The entire staff was knowledgeable & very professional. Meghan was a joy to work with!”


Stained Glass

Stand out from the crowd, create a high end look for your store, and impress your customers with a stained glass panel or insert for your commercial property. Stained glass signs, hanging panels, and family crests are a great way to create a vintage, elegant look in a hotel, restaurant, or retail store. Scottish Stained Glass frequently partners with Houston business owners on commercial projects involving:


  • Custom stained glass signs
  • Restaurant stained glass
  • Retail stained glass


Whether you need custom stained glass panels designed, replaced, or repaired, give Scottish Stained Glass a call today to see what we can do for you.

Serving the Entire

Dallas Metro Area

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth community. We work on commercial, religious, and residential projects all throughout the Dallas metro area including the outlying cities and suburb areas in Southern, Central, and East Dallas. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home with a beautiful new stained glass entryway or are seeking an experienced studio who can help repair and restore the stained glass windows in your historic church or commercial property, we can provide the service you need. We serve all major cities located in the Dallas metro community including Garland, Plano, Arlington, Mesquite, and Irving. Call our office today to receive a free estimate for your project!

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Scottish serves builds “The World’s Most Beautiful Stained Glass Windows” for clients across the United States & Canada. Call us today to begin the design process or schedule your in home consultation in these select cities.

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